About DirtyGeisha

DirtyGeisha is a pen name of a smut writer on the surface but there’s more than meets the eye.(
I have a few pen names actually…to be honest. I collect names like people collect coins.)

You can call me Lacie if you’re whimsical. Muse if you’re naughty and if you know me then well, you know what to call me.

I’m a super geeky, pro-domme, erotica writer and amateur porn star. Features my Living In Sin sex and love column and Tease photos. I’m also a wife and mother. I have an inclination towards cuckoldry and to that end I’d be my Daddy’s pet. Just being honest. I’m exploring my sexuality and identity what are you doing?

This blog chronicles my quest for a secondary partner and some hot times. my daily life as an erotic hypnotist and the boys who love me. Hypnosis is a way of life for me, it could be your way too. I’m the next step to enlightenment. You’ll see that as you get to me. I’m part muse, part mystic, part Mistress, mostly geek.

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