Morningwood Academy

Welcome to The Morningwood Academy. A kind of correspondence school for sissies. It is one Mistress run school, run by Miss Neuro. Please bear in mind I teach my girls to be classy ladies. Here you will be given tasks and assignments to help shape you into a lady. The assignments will deal with attitude and outlook, proper dress, lifestyle, and sex ed. (Classy ladies can be slut but *only* behind closed doors!)

As Miss is also a hypnotist, hypnosis mp3s will also be provided, but not mandatory. Hypnosis is wonderful tool for altering the mind and reality. MP3s will have two categories :

Housewife Honey: For the sissy who wants a temporary change only.
Goddesshood: For the sissy looking for permanency, this will alter who you are.

Unfortunately due to the nature, each assignment you complete will cost $2 to obtain. Please answer the assignment and mail it back! Especially inspiring assignments will be posted on the school’s blog(coming soon!), with permission and with only your girl name showing. Free Bonus Lessons will also be posted on the blog!

To receive The first two Assignments and HouseWife Honey Hypnosis tracks free. Please pick up an application. The fee is $10 but you will get 5 minutes of Niteflirt call time when you return it. As you will with all completed assignments!

MWA Training

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