Dramatis Personae

Below are a list of people in Smutville. In case you need a primer or perhaps a refresher.

Fuck buddies in DGʻs bed will be included. Simply because they are special.. Because, they are tricky and should have an eye on kept on them.
Casts change at will, will *try* to update often…Watch for status changes and people adding!

Family & Friends: Nonsexual in nature but, still might get mentioned

Jak– My husband. Actively involved in other pursuits outside of our marriage. Iʻm not sure why I love him, like Iʻm not sure how to breathe. Very funny. Not so vanilla, shares well enough. He is a lover but my family.

Canary- is our daughter, the creation of our souls, and the thing we love most in this world.

Judas– My best mate for ages. He makes my heart leap like a goldfish in my hands. He’s mine now, finally We can stop torturing our hearts now. Keeps me connected and safe. I suspect he has a TARDIS key.

Peaches- My sister.

Catastrophe- My brother.

S.- Jakʻs “Friend”. Nicely built. Fun to watch. A little too much rage for my tastes though.

Echo- My girl friday. A fellow dolly girl and my primary editrix. She makes my words spin like sugar, and my head feel like a water color wash.

The Love interests: The parade of playmates (subs have their own place.)

Pritkin-My on again off again ex of 6 years, who just now told me He’s been married MOST of that time. Like Jak, how can’t I breathe without him. However I must. My heart is beating still.

Trevor– Iʻd love to be his submissive. Maybe his lover, if he ever wants a nice albeit far away one! Good thing I love buses. He hurts me so well. Trevor is in multiple relationships as well, really wants to do porn with me. He is also my favorite writer next to Camden Joy. Will most likely be my hero someday.

The Doctor- The One I probably wouldʻve dated, if I had any sense. Sexually probably my equal. Though, Iʻm not always sure he wants me. I think he just humors me and my kittyslut ways. He has a boyfriend. I would still be his girl anyway.

Incubus- Right now, we do not really fuck. He is a father figure type. Except that I masturbate to Him. Has good advice, and is very sweet…to me. We still don’t really fuck though there seems to be a lot of fetish play.

Mr. H.– The vampire. An object of lust. Sadly it feels one sided.Thankfully it’s not one sided. I’m happy about this, He makes me quiver.

The Comedian- Right now, a delicious fantasy and friend. Terribly funny. Is not famous, not at all. Well, I’ll never tell. The desire grows..right now. He and I are very similar.

Barbie- We met because of The Comedian. I like her. Can’t wait to get stoned and do phone sex with her!

The Subs: There are some good boys and girls I like.

Nightwing- a submissive I enjoyed in the past, and hope to enjoy again in my future.

Ivi- My spoiled prince. He can be Dom if I need it bad enough.

Carys- A charming artistic sub-sissy who wants my strap on.

Babykat- pinprick heart mercury hearted girl. I wasn’t sure at first, now I’m sure. That little masochist has my heart.but she broke it in to pieces.

Aladin Sane- The poshy chef and sane hypnofetishist I adore. My beautiful boy, the one who broke my rule. Geeky fun and art supporter.

Mister Grayson- My erotic partner in crime! Too bad he’s notoriously busy and a terrible flirt. Awh well, these things can’t always be helped, can they? Working on a project with him.

The Exes & Right Bastards They are completely off my radar right now, for one reason or another.It’s HARD to get off this list so, enjoy

Datenchi- I actually miss Him. We will probably end up better friends than lovers. Time will tell.

Dom Daddy- We had a HUGE falling out. Weʻre friends. Iʻm leaving it at that for now.

M.-We had lots of sex once. Now Iʻm not sure whatʻs going on. I miss her though.

Girl Boss- The highly traitorous ex girlfriend. I taught her everything she knows about phone sex AND erotic hypnosis. She repaid me by ruining my house, forgetting to pay rent and she stole clients.

Uirusu- Simply stated we are yin & Yang. He has a sub, she is not me. I wish it were…but I was foolish long ago. That means our love is forbidden completely. Like The Doctor I can not give Him up. Nor am I actively trying all that hard. I really need…He knows.

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