Category: Erotic Hypnosis

Money Honey : Tithe

This is something not many of you, will see if you want to know the joy of tithing. I will teach you the joy of sacrificing for a more balanced and beautiful feeling. Some girls will ruin you, I will rebuild you. After all what good are you to me broken? You will listen to…

Orgasmic Bimbo

Orgasm Bimbo-You choose to become a bimbo for me. It is completely your choice. You can stop it any time you really want to. Thing is with me you have it hard. This is a lovely way to spend a weekend $10.00

Cuckold Task

How much do I LOVE cuckolding? More than I probably should, but I’m quirky I guess. As you know I’m a girl who likes games and this a fun game using hypnosis you are sure to love. Binaural free I promise, and purely me! Spend your time as my own personal cuckold and cumdump. A…

Heart Locked

Dead set on serving in the Smutville Army? I’m pleased to have one so devoted! My subjects must be absolutely willing to be in my thrall. This will work on men or women, I’ll take you all. Let’s revel in our naked lust as your addiction grows An extension of my heady “Padlock” MP3. It…

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