Some people are destined for greatness, some people have it thrust upon them. I was never able to tell which I was. I suppose that’s my great truth. The thing that makes me do the hero thing. Every superhero hero has reasons, no matter what they say.

I gave up my ability to walk when I became a priestess. The order of monks known as The Alabaster Lotus all give up some “ability” in order to gain another. Walking was what I gave up for precognition, it’s not a bad deal when you think about it However some people would disagree.

I was 19 when I decided to leave The Alabaster Lotus Temple and go back to New York City. My parents had sent me to live in the temple fearing mob threats when I was seven. It took the mob twelve years to make good but, when they did I figured it was safe to come home. My choice was not rational, try to stop the things I saw from happening. Again not many people would make that choice.
What can I say? I’m weird. I had heard that in NYC there were others like me who stood up for what was right. Vigilantes, sure but that will happen in a corrupt society.
Coming home is never easy. I couldn’t exactly go out and get a 9 to 5 job. Nor could I put out a sign “psychic crime fighter” . I settled on “psychic reader” instead. I could help people all the time. Both turned into full time jobs with a myriad of colorful individuals, with all the messed up relationships and heartaches involved in keeping a double life.
It sure was fun to watch though. I guess I could be considered a voyeur. Not in that creepy sexual way. At least not all the time, only sometimes. Most people probably assumed I was some straight laced nun type, they would be wrong.


It wasn’t intentional, it really wasn’t, she just got to me. Although if anyone finds out the rumors will fly. Yes, I am still mad about Nightshade, livid, I’d say. But, this thing, this affair is not about that. I’m not vindictive well, at least not terribly vindictive.
Nightshade would still be my lover and friend and I wouldn’t be having to work with the other woman , Pretty Blackbird it sucked. That’s how it’d be in a perfect world. The world as I knew it was never perfect. Superheroes were in short supply in New York City. I knew Pretty Blackbird was hot and heavy with Mysstery but, let’s be clear on this, I did not start this Mysstery did.

Pretty Blackbird, Witch Lynx and I worked together, a trio of super heroines, the papers had dub us the “Fallen Angels” I however had that name. Right now I was researching some leads on a new designer drug on the streets. I had a name.

Nepenthe. How was it made, who was behind this? I was being particularly naughty I was surfing porn while I searched for leads. I figured hey, it was technically my “off” time.

It’s late, after midnight when I sense her there. Nightshade, she’s not, although she is good.
“Come on out Mysstery , I know you’re there.” my voice sounds tired but there’s a hint of something else.
“Can’t fool you, I suppose.” She said walking up behind me putting her hands on my shoulders.
“I practically grew up around Mr. ‘I am The Night’.” I said relaxing into her hands. “Victoria, what information do you need?” I said with a sigh. Even with as well adjusted as I am . Sometimes a girl needed to be liked for herself.
She leaned down I could feel her lips on my ear. She must have removed the mask.
“I need something, my dear Anya.” She said grabbing my chair pulling me back. Spinning me around to face her. Her lips muffled the gasp. She kissed me like a man starving for his last meal.
“And it’s Vic, please.”
She pulled me against her, pulling me forward. With my free hand I undid the seatbelt able to lean forward even further. Her hand stroked my cheek. Even though I could do it myself I yielded to Vic and She took me in his arms. Vic was teaching me that I could bend and not break. Something I had forgotten.
She laid me out on the bed and walked away. I was propping myself up and I starting to take off my shirt.
“Don’t you dare.” She said as she shrugged off her trench coat. My hands fell to my sides.
My breath caught as I watched Vic strip. I could try to convince myself I didn’t love her. She was paying me for my information. Except this time I gave her nothing.

That threw me.

My heart was beating faster, my pussy quivered tightening. The panic must have been visible on my face. Mysstery knelt on the bed, crawling closer to me. She unbuttoned my jeans pulling them them down to my knees.
“Ugh, panties.” She snatched them down quickly pushing them off my legs.
“Don’t wear panties next time. In fact, never wear panties again.”
I simply nodded as his hands caressed my body. As Mysstery she could be very patient do what needed to be done. Here, as Vic, in moments like these she never was.
“I never know when you’re going to show up.” I whispered.
“So, quit wearing panties.” She said slapping my wet pussy with her left hand. My hips rose up in response. Mysstery could play my body like a violin.
I tried to respond but, I found words ineffective, so I just nodded. Vic kissed my lips as she crawled over my body. He knelt between my thighs and lifted my shirt off my chest.
I was feeling need. Vic always got me worked up, she kissed over my face and neck. Then I felt her teeth. She was biting my neck hard. Her hand tangled in my hair, as she pulled my head over to get better access to my neck. My eyes shuttered tightly, hands equally trying to pull him closer and push him away from my neck at the same time. A moment later, I felt her strong hands take my wrists and pin them next to either side of my head, sapping the rest of my mobility as he kissed down between my breasts, following the curve of my stomach down.
Her lips sent electric shocks down my body. My pussy started to soak from her kisses. I needed to touch her, but her hands kept my wrists pinned down hard. She knew what she was doing to me. The sensation of being helpless was just as arousing as her touch.
“Vic,” I said, arching as much as I could beneath his ravenous consuming kisses burning a trail towards my pussy. She let go of my wrists and I stretched them above my head, groaning lightly as the trail of sensation went lower. Hesitantly, I looked down at her to see her parting my thighs. I could feel her rough hands them.

Mysstery was unpredictable I felt guilty that I was enjoying her without giving her anything first. Her tongue trailed over my clit teasing at me with a chuckle.
“Anya, you have to learn, you are enough. Now, lets see that pussy.” She said spreading my legs wider. Her tongue jabbed at pussy lips tracing them with careful precision. She giggled at seeing my neatly trimmed landing strip revealing that my red hair was not from a bottle. I moaned arching my back as she sucked my clit hard. My hips pushed closer and closer. My need took over my fingers pulled her closer.
Her fingers crammed their way into my tight fuckhole. I moaned as she finger fucked my pussy. It’d been awhile, so i needed this. Her fingers pumped in and out of me, my pussy making a sort of wet sucking sound


Mysstery was gone when I woke up. No note, or trace that she’d ever even been there. It was all just as well I did have a client coming round. I looked at the clock. 9:30 AM. My client was due at 10 AM, good thing I worked great under pressure.

Right on time my 10 o’clock arrived. She was vaguely Asian looking with long straight black hair and the deepest brown eyes I’d ever seen. During her reading I could barely keep focused.

“What’s in store for me?” She said handing me a birthday reading gift certificate. From that moment I was enraptured.
“Let’s just see.” I said taking the gift certificate from her. My hand bumped hers. Sending images of her with another woman making love. In the next flash they are yelling at each other and the auburn haired girl with the heavy kohl lined eyes is leaving. I gasped leaving my customer blinking at me.

I’d like to say the reading was uneventful but that girl was in for quite the year. I didn’t want to but I was picking up bits and pieces about my team’s pressing matter. This girl could be of used to me, when she was ready for it. She seemed to be willing to get in worse trouble for less.

I chuckled at the thought of that, after she’d left of course. I had an unusual number of walk-ins it seemed. Pretty Blackbird was livid by the time my last client left. She had been trying to reach me all day. Something big was up that was for sure.
“What?” I said finally putting on my ear piece.
“Took you long enough Answer.” She said sounding snide. Yeah, she hated me this much, just imagine if she knew about Mysstery. I just bet I’d be treated so much better.
“My clients come first.” I said coldly wanting to nip the cat fight in the bud.
“Whatevs, listen you know congressman Vance Decamp?” She said like she was really about to dish some major gossip.
“Well, his daughter Melly, is in county for possession.”
“Of?” I prompted.
“Nothing, well I’ve heard its a demon.” She said sounding actually happy.
The supernatural disturbances seemed to ramping up around the city lately. I didn’t come here to fight the supes but, if this was where we were needed so be it. After all superheroes didn’t get to choose their rouges gallery.
“Well, shit. Call Kat?” i said, I really was gobsmacked on this one.
“Calling Witchy Poo, see you in 40.” Blackbird hung up.

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