Regular sex is beneficial for your health

For someone sex brings some problems, and someone cannot live in abstention for several days … We deal with frequency together with my good friend gynecologist Katerina.

Working in maternity hospital, I tell to each written-out woman a standard phrase: observe sexual abstinence within two months. I see reactions different: ignoring, perfectly, I will tell the husband half a year is impossible, she is serious, can somehow less?.

Whether regular sex is so important or these are the myths which are thought up by men for own comfort?

The British, Dutch, German scientists – everything studied a question of how regular sex influences our life and its influence is so big. Some prove that it is nearly an immortality elixir, and at the people having sex not only the frequency of heart diseases decreases, but also pressure is stabilized, wrinkles decrease, the physical shape and a look improves it becomes clearer.

Returning to the last, scientists counted that for one sexual intercourse it is possible to spend from 30 to 200 calories. So it makes sense to put on the smartwatch a hand and to officially shirk the gym those days when you planned romanticism.

Active sex life, really, promotes development of cells of gray substance, therefore, the clarity of mind and adoption of firm strong-willed decisions is provided to you. Not to mention production of hormones of endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and of course, testosterone.

Men’s testosterone how paradoxically sounded, is necessary for synthesis of women’s hormone of estrogen and maintenance of function of ovaries and level of sexual inclination. Endorphins reduce concern and anesthetize. Dopamine – gives feeling of happiness. And oxytocin, sincere hormone of embraces and caresses, allocates with euphoric feeling of happiness. So technically sex can be considered one of antidepressants.

Let’s consider other party of a question: regular sex, but with different sexual partners. The song is remembered: as there are a lot of girls good as there are a lot of tender guys. In spite of the fact that we live in an age of information technologies where the medicine walks with great strides, nobody cancelled sexually transmitted infections and their consequences. Alas, not all of them are treated! And especially any of them does not increase quality of your life. So be vigilant and protect the health.

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