7 sex secrets men will never admit

Yes, yes, practically all his secrets are connected with intimate life …

When lovers begin to live together, they learn about each other a lot of interesting. It is a lot of, but far away from all. Each of them has secret territory, the confidential space. The entrance is strictly forbidden for another person. And if for the girl anything can be stored in her confidential room, guys usually hide in it approximately same set.

I work hard at consultations not only with girls, but also with men. In general, almost everything, then men are not ready to share with the ladyloves, concerns only sex. I asked Cameraboys about what they are hiding from girls and here is the compiled list of top 7 sex secrets guys are hiding from girls.

So, 7 things which your man does not admit to you …

1. Sometimes imagines other girl while having sex with you

The proximity with the imagined beauty gives to the man new flight of imaginations and diversifies its sex. To claim that each man sins with this business, it would be incorrect, but usually at the stronger sex it is not a rarity. If it happens, hardly the man will want to share with you this information, and will correctly make.

2. Dreaming about the beautiful girls passing by

Besides, at all not all men of it want and not all men constantly think only of sex. But cannot but notice a number of beautiful girls most of men. And thoughts can come to men to mind different. 

Women sometimes dream of new shoes and handbags. And men sometimes dream of proximity with the unfamiliar beauty. It is good if these thoughts remain only imaginations. It is unlikely the man will begin you to tell about these imaginations.

3. Dreaming about your hot friend

Do you like your girlfriend? Most likely and, differently you would not be on friendly terms with her. It can be pleasant to your man too. And when the man likes some girl, he can at least on present wait a minute how he would have with her sex.

If your man thought of it, he will not tell you. Also do not try to ask him loaded questions on this subject. With high probability in reality he will never afford such “liberties”. If he clever and if he really loves you.

4. He would like to have threesome sex

Sex with two females – very widespread male imagination. Quite possibly, you take the central place in this imagination, but besides you in it easily there can be one stranger. It is not an occasion suspiciously at all to begin to treat all. Leave to the man the territory of his imaginations.

You never know who what imagines, or perhaps and does not represent at all. About it you will not be told all the same as it is the fifth men’s secret.

5. Engaged in masturbation

Statistically, 90% of men are engaged in it. It is very probable that your man is not an exception. In it there is nothing terrible. And precisely it is impossible to consider it treason. Moreover, many women perfectly know that their man periodically satisfies himself. Men prefer not to expatiate on it. Let’s leave this first secret in the men’s secret room.

6. Never says no to casual sex

Up to this point we spoke only about imaginations of your man. And here if your man had a real sex on the party, hardly this fact will become a subject of a casual conversation with you at breakfast.

7. He has a mistress

The unpleasant fact, but so happens. First, calm down, most likely, your man has no mistress. Secondly, if he has, he will not tell you about it. Or it will lead to the fact that he will leave you that is improbable, or to what will leave the mistress. Here the probability is higher. Some men use webcams to flirt with online girls and watch them nude in real time. Is that a cheating – it’s up to you to decide.

The seventh men’s secret, though the most unpleasant, but it all the same for you only a secret, illusion and anything else.

Secrets on that and secrets that never learned about them. It becomes usually bad only when they suddenly become a reality. If you do not want to be upset, leave to men their secrets, do not try to expose everything. Live with the man long and happily!

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