Hook Me Up

Halloween. It seems is big holiday. Everyone I know loves it more than Christmas. Unlike Christmas, it never loses it’s magic, it means as much to you as an adult that it does as a kid. It’s still commercialized and half the population just carves pumpkins because its fun.
I still loved Halloween despite the ghost induced migraines and being able to actually see the dead for three weeks. My ex saw them all the time. I wondered how she handled it. It drove me batty.

The idea was simple enough. Halloween is the night spirits were so easy to contact, non gifted people could pull them free. A hellacious time to be a medium. Unlike my ex-girlfriend Lux I kept it secret. I worked as a body piercer pomading to almost every shop in NYC. No one knew what I did ever, except Lux.
She knew I was the city’s number one , and only as far as I knew supplier of Nepenthe a very sought after drug. One version made normal people see the dead. The other could make you forget. Boom, one dose and you could forget that ex or whatever you wanted. This was why I was alone.

So, tonight I stayed home. Arranged my Samhain blessing candle on my altar. I lit a few others, those ghost ones, this time of year I always stock up. I like them, they’re cute. I stood in my living room in candle lit darkness, wearing a black satin floor length night gown. I looked classy but with just an air of slutishness. I climbed up on my glass coffee table.

I wondered if The Shado was amused, or would he be more aroused seeing me like this?

I closed my eyes and concentrated. My heart was still beating, that was good at the very least. My body flushed, the a bride waiting for her groom. Is that what this was? I felt the first caress, grave cold fingers caressed me. I shivered, my pussy quaked. Usually I did this while sleeping, I started to wonder in this instance if this was why.
Did I like this?
Did I like being a rent girl for every random specter? The ghostly fingers trailed down my body pressing the satin into me touching my softness.
Another one took me by the arms holding me back. The first was massaging my pussy. He growled, there was something primal about this.
He needed me. I needed my pussy was wet, I wanted it not to be desperately. I wanted to hate this. Convince myself I wasn’t a monster.
But, His prick filled my pussy and I cried out. I was a monster like Lux thought, and I wasn’t a very good lesbian to boot. I craved his cock I wanted more. I was growing impatient.
My head lulled to the side and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It looked bizarre I was up in midair my night gown up over my ass. Suddenly he jerked my head up back to him.
He had a five o’clock shadow and piercing blue eyes that glowed with an unnatural light. He slammed his hips into mine fucking me harder and faster. Ectoplasm mixed with my cunt juice poured on to my glass coffee table. He smirked as he battered my pussy. I cared less about collection and more about my orgasm.
“Fuck.” I gasped. My eyes fluttering and my mouth opening sighing quietly. My spasmed and I thrashed screaming like a caged wild animal. Was I trying to break free?

Darkness closed in, Dare out.

It was still dark when I came to the left me laying neatly on my couch. I looked over at the coffee table ectoplasm had been wiped clean. My heart sunk but, my pussy seemed happy about it. Slowly I rose to my feet walking to my bathroom.
Something seemed curious from my vantage point on the toilet. Carefully I looked over expecting the worst. Inside my bathtub there was a quarter inch layer of pink Nepenthe. I was on easy street, all I needed to do was bottle it. Of course I’d only report a quarter of this to The Shado.

A girl needed her secrets.

“Thank you” I whispered.
“You’re welcome.” A male voice came from behind me. I shivered slightly.
“You know” He continued speaking. “I’ve never had a human love slave”
“And you won’t have me.” I said seeing him.
“If you stick with me and pleasure me, I’ll make you wealthy and rid you of the human you fear.”

My heart stopped, could he rid me of The Shado? Ghosts really can’t lie, that’s why I liked them. They could bend the truth but, not lie. The way he said it seemed like he was certain.
“If I agree, will you really help me?” I said my voice came out small and suddenly I felt weak.
“Trust me, choose to be my lover, and I’ll protect you.” He said smirking.
“I don’t even know your…” He put his cold fingers to my lips.
“It’s Todd, Todd Merriman.”
So, here it was Samhain and I was about to change myself. This was forever. I said the only thing I could say. “Yes, Todd.”
I felt the energy shift. Todd pushed him on to me, he was attaching himself to my black cat charm.
It was done. We belonged to each other. Great, I was officially the world’s worst lesbian.

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