Little Princess

Ever since I was sixteen years old I’ve had a desire to be a part of the BDSM community. My first lover was extraordinary. He trains his girlfriend to be Dominant without telling her. I was seventeen when we finally started dating. He was the first man to lick my pussy. No matter when I wanted it. I was in control and I liked it.

Like anyone given a taste of control I soon began to test what I could get away with. Denying him orgasms. Rubbing myself to climax on top of him quickly so he couldn’t cum. To watch his eyes grow large and hungry was my favorite thing. The way he would whimper almost but not quite.
Then I began kissing girls at the dance clubs he took me too. He knew he could look but not touch. The thing was, with a girl I can never say no. I would suck and fondle all the while he did nothing.
Needless to say I would get all hot and bothered. I loved to make him lick my pussy in the back seat of his car through my fishnets. I still miss that.
Then came the other men, it was the natural. Since my lover had told me he was bisexual. So I would begin kissing a new boy then switch to my lover and eventually all three of us would be kissing, then I would step back.

I never got mad watching them kiss. I did however develop a taste for cuckolding which is still with me today.

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