The Walk

(For Matthew )

A beam of sunlight caressed me awake I rolled over expecting roll into his warm embrace. He wasn’t there; his office must have called him in while I was dreaming. I lie still for a moment letting myself wake up, slowly I began to remember what I was told to do today. Master told me to go for a walk in the park, alone. “Since it was such a nice summer day.” He said. I found it odd because normally I don’t go out without him. I didn’t give a second thought as I was getting ready in the clothes he had laid out for me. On my dressing table lie the outfit and a note written on his personal stationary I picked it up and began to read.

“Darling Ivy.

I regret having to leave but I had business to attend to in Chicago. Now before you start pouting I’ll be back this evening. You are still to go on your walk, please do try to enjoy yourself.



I reread it twice savoring his words the scroll of his hand after reading the closing. I lifted the fine vellum to my face inhaling his dark masculine scent. The scent smelled better on his porcelain skin, either way it made me damp with feminine desire. Deciding not to dwell on my need I tucked his letter away in the drawer of my nightstand.

To wear Master had left a demi-corset made of the finest deerskin that he stitched Himself. He tailored it so that it could be worn under all my dresses. I took great care in lacing the corset pulling it as tight as I could get it by myself, my pussy tingled in excitement as I did so. Next, I moved on to the simple white “Alice in Wonderland” pinafore and apron I smirked as I thought of the joy Master must have had picking my clothes out. The cotton on the pinafore was cool and crisp against my sensitive skin. The apron had pink gingham edging.

The whiteness of my outfit, that included white thigh high stockings and matching Maryjanes. Looking at myself in the mirror, I must say I was pleased to see how my dress brought out the ruby color of my hair that I left hanging loose around my shoulders.

I took the bus to Latson Park, on the way there I sat all the way in back. Nobody really looked at me as I sat there idly toying with my apron. Except for this one guy in leather jacket he just kept staring and staring. So right before my stop came up I teasingly lifted my skirt so he could catch a glimpse of my bared hairless pussy. He stood open mouthed as I walked past him; I just grinned as I walked past.

The park was full of activity today, the smell of freshly mowed grass and barbecue invaded the air, and it reminded me of days gone past. For a second I was a small girl in my backyard. I began my walk by watching a blonde girl play with some other darker haired boys. I followed their steps as though I were enchanted. I heard something that caught my attention. Something seemed to whisper “Ivy”.

My walk led me to the park’s botanical garden, and as I walked I heard steps almost in rhythm with my own. As I knelt along the path of the rose garden looking at the lustrous reds, yellows pinks and whites of the almost perfectly formed roses the light sweet scent hung in the air. As I knelt examining the gorgeous blossoms I felt eyes on me. The eyes seemed to pierce into me. I felt my heart flutter. My mind told me to run. I rose to my feet slowly began just to walk in the opposite direction making sure to try and cover myself in a large group of people. I heard the same steps behind me and my mind began to spin. I couldn’t think properly. My animal instinct kicked in and I began sprinting through the park. The air swooshed behind me as I ran I could tell my pursuer was keeping up. I looked behind to see an absolutely breath taking sight. The man behind me wore a large black trench coat it billowed as he ran. I stopped to look at him he wore a large brimmed black hat. He looked strangely familiar.

He caught me pinning me up against the trunk of an oak tree. My delicate flesh scraped against the rough bark. My mouth opened in a scream that my assailant muffled with a deep probing kiss. I wriggled against him scraping myself farther

“Owww. Let me go.” I protested.

The man pulled me from the tree, the wind stung on my damaged skin; I started to sob hot and heavy tears. They weren’t necessarily tears of pain, more so of regret. I kept thinking why did I have to take this walk? I could’ve lied to Master but than what kind of submissive would that make me?

As I was being drug through the woodsy area on the edge of the park I stumbled and fell to my knees in the cool damp earth I let out a small scream. The man looked down at me I tried to see some facial features. He pulled me to my feet I looked down at my dress it was streaked with dirt, if I got home and Master saw this he would beat my ass red for sure. I wailed mournfully the man leading me just chuckled at it echoed through the woods hit my ears wit such harshness.

The man and I had reached the darkest part of the woods; he pressed me against a tree. He reached grabbing my hair and slapping my face. It stung enflaming my cheeks.

“Good girl” he whispered in my ear in voice that touched my soul.

“Master You frightened me.” I chuckled through the tears my heart still racing.

“Good.” He smiled wickedly tilting His hat up so that I could see his face.

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