Greedy For The Verse

I wonder if Nightwing still reads this. If he does, I hope he’s eating his heart out because he misses me so much.<3 Know that I miss you but, I’m totally fucking whomever I please. The State of Smutville
The Love
Babykat, ah Babykat, she’s back at uni and she’s not with me as much as I would like but I love her ever so much. I hate to admit it but, I am mad for the girl. It’s just a plus that she dresses me so well. It’s also terrible that now I only want to hurt her. I want to hear cry for me. I know most of you probably don’t get it. What can I say I’m a sadist.

Kuro, new to this blog but not new to my life. He was my Master at one point. My submissive at another point. My friend through it all. He pushes ALL my bad girl buttons. He is delicious. He also needs to be added to the cast list.

The Brit, the British Dom I’ve been seeing. Very lovely man. I didn’t really seem as being sexual in the first place. Boy, was I wrong! He rings my little bells, tingly all over type stuff. Not only that the boy loves to cuddle.

Carys, keeps me sane. Carys is like my wife and she is the BEST wife. She also draws my words into pretty pictures. She’s also helping me launch two NEW projects. She and Babykat are making me a better version of my Domina self. All you boys blame them!

The Work

2010 brings more and interesting things for me and this site. More Geisha Speak podcast and new erotic hypnosis mp3s. Email me with suggestions please. Also new video clips. Including a chat show on you tube talking (mostly!) erotica books. Maybe some erotic hypnosis videos…if you’re all good. So, be good!!

Nepenthe #2 is being written and put together. So, more Lux Shimshi goodness to come. As well as not one but two comics…to be revealed later. That means be on the look out!

Til later…

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