OH oh OhMiBod

Or, The Dildo Manifesto! Music to The Pussy!

Overview: Good solid toy, the one you want to keep by your bedside. Gives a nice effect for tease and denial and edging play. Or if you’re truly evil, forced orgasms.

This toy is legendary. This toy is epic. This toy is an urban legend.
No seriously, most people have heard about it from and friend of a friend. So much like that Bill Gates email scam no one is sure if it actually exists. I’ve had friends find the website and STILL not believe the OhMiBod exists.

It does.

If you remember back to the days when I had my (other) Southern Charms site. I used the OhMiBod in a few sets. There’s even video of me using it in my C4S shop. So, You’ve seen it. It’s the slender white wand. Nowdays girls use it on live cam shows.
It can be covered with the pink sleeve provided which is nice. The handy dandy concealing pink pouch is also a plus. Being able to properly care for a toy is always a plus, especially when the manufacture makes it so easy.

Basically, the OhMiBod uses music stored on your Ipod or Ipod Shuffle to vibrate the toy. Bonus the louder the music is the stronger the vibrations are. A lot of cam girls use it for shows and allows guys to control the toy.
Which means if you’re anything like me, you’ll be having quickie orgasms like nobody’s business. Also why not make a night of it?
Make a playlist. Get that Rock n’ Roll or that Drum & Bass out. No, really take the time and sit down and create your bedroom ready playlist. Next after your playlist is perfect, take a nice hot bath. (I’m serious a self love session can be like a first date, but with better company!) Masturbation is not something that only guys and porn stars do ladies, but you can make it an art form. A pampering moment.

Come on, didn’t our gender perfect the bath? Made it not just about getting clean but about relaxation as well? We can do the same for masturbation! Take it from the men of the world and make it uniquely ours! The OhMiBod is the tool to help us do it.

Oh and it’s not just for single babes. Oh no. Couples can use it too! It’s not just another vibrator it’s a simple version of teledildonics in action.

How So?

Say you have a long distance lover or just a kinky one. They can make you a surprise playlist (if you’re thinking about doing this recode all the songs a burned cd or in .zip file track 1, track 2, and so on.) and watch you cum by their song choices.
How romantic is that? Kinda makes you want to drag out all your old mixtapes and put them on your computer eh?

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