Girlvert: The Review

This is a good introduction to the Girlvert line of movies, but not quite as good as other reviews would make it seem. It’s still very entertaining, and quite a turn on. If watching women treating other women like whores and playthings is your thing, this DVD is good to get.
Rating : 3 1/2 fans
Entertaining and arousing. Doesn’t stray from the expectations the title and blurb gives you.
Very tame. Doesn’t live up to the hype. Not nearly as much girl-on-girl as it seems there would be.

Girlvert has some pretty big hype to live up to based on the blurbs and internet postings. Watching this first DVD makes me wonder why exactly? The girls aren’t particularly great looking, except the one who plays the homeless girl. That being said, maybe this porn’s “groundbreaking” status comes from spawning the “sexually abuse homeless women” fetish videos I’ve seen. I shuddered here and there. It doesn’t seem to have that sort of “groundbreaking” edge since the other girls were not in the same vein. In order, the scenes are: “homeless junkie,” “interviewee,” “nice Asian girl,” and the title character getting fucked herself in the end scene.

The girl predator angle was what sucked me in. It was enjoyable enough, but it would’ve been better if our girl had done at least one scene all by herself. At the best, it felt like getting your girlfriend to bring home chicks and help you have fun with them. It could have been a little more true to the concept, but it fell flat in every scene the instant the “victim” was brought home. I felt the Girlvert relied too heavily on the men to “help” her use these “sluts.”

The dialogue is wooden and awful, as one expects from porn. However, the unnecessary repetition of calling someone a whore works against this. After about the first thirty times, it stops being sexy and becomes more like a droning repetition.

The ballooning anal toy used in this DVD is utterly amazing. It’s exciting to see just how much those girls who have never signed up for getting their asses stretched by that toy can take. The Girlvert stops right when asked instead of giving the illusion of pushing it past what they can take, and treating them like the “whores” they are.

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