Review: Wonderland

While the film is set up as an otherworldly fantasy where Steven St. Croix lusts after his step-daughter’s roommate, the actual storytelling leaves a lot more to be desired. Within seconds of the film’s start, there’s a sex scene that seems like it could be a dream, but leaves the viewer guessing until St. Croix wakes up in his bed, next to his wife

The movie goes on in a series of nonsensical scenes that seem to drive a plot that become bisected by reality tv style interviews that explain the actions of the characters. While this gives the viewer a bit of an insight on the rationales behind what’s going on, it makes very little sense beyond giving some lack luster reasoning behind the sex scenes.

Most of the movie is really unsuitable to watch. The scene with James Deen doesn’t make much sense past showing that the stepdaughter has a boyfriend she has sex with. Really, the only good scenes are with Steven St. Croix in drag writing on a mirror in lipstick while Charlie Laine masturbates with a dildo, likewise scrawled with lipstick, covered in “Dirty Whore”. It’s the most surreal part of the movie.

As far as sex goes, that show is stolen by Evan Stone and Katie Morgan, who plays the wife of Steven St. Croix. Their fantasy affair, played out in the mind of St. Croix is easily the best sex in the entire film. Both actors appear to be more caught in the middle of having sex as opposed to performing for the camera.

While the concept is intriguing and could make for some epic sexual storytelling, Wonderland really drops the ball on delivery with the interview style storytelling and jumps in perspective. There are parts of the story that make no sense in them being there, like the non-central character played by Kris Knight getting a lapdance/sex from a stripper played by Trina Michaels. They just show up, next to a couple of the main characters, and then boom, are having sex on the main floor of the strip club. These kind of scenes are par for the course in the film and detract from the overall viewing.

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