Women In Lust

Rachel Kramer Bussel seems to be able to read my mind. She has an anthology for everything, I swear. If a fetish starts gnawing at my brain, she’s got a book about it. It’s amazing ability. My major issue with previous anthologies seems to have vanished as she is using different authors names I’ve not seen in prior collections or names I’ve not seen altogether. I’m very pleased about this.

women in lust book cover

The gradual rise to the end that really makes an erotic anthology work, what’s bound to get you hot is still here. Ms. Bussel definitely has pacing down. I’ve seen other editors that fall flat on this, trust me placement is key. Stoke the lust, Women in Lust is a title that can do just that. Be delicious until the last bit is devoured. It’s key for women, its key for seduction and it’s key for anthologies!

Kayar Silkenvoice’s “Cherry Blossom” is absolutely my favorite of the collection.The one that I can never quite finish if you know what I mean. Her prose is luscious as always. I’m always eagerly awaiting this one,everytime I try to read this book straight through. Also I was over the moon to read “Naughty Thoughts” by Portia Da Costa. Ms. Da Costa is one of my main influences for getting into erotica! Read an excerpt here.

This is a joy to have in any erotica collection. Please click the cover to check the book out further.

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