Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

The music poured out of my decks and over the feature dancer, Katt Kitt on the stage. I could see it all, pink and happy. All and all a good way to end the set and my night.
The next DJ stood behind me. It was Spike. He’d been spinning a year or two longer than me, he had a major attitude problem. Spike especially didn’t like me, I was invading his space. Though I’d bet even money if I were a stripper he’d like just fine. He was annoying and cock-sure, one of those “I have a penis, so I’m a god!” things. He thought girls had no place behind the decks.

If I hadn’t been suspicious of him before, tonight’s run in would’ve confirmed my beliefs. He was checking me out. At first I thought I was being paranoid. Just to check I swayed my ass from side to side and watched him reflected in the mirror above me. Spike’s head bobbed right along.
He was absolutely irritating. I packed my final scratch gear next to the laptop and brushed past him, making sure to hit him hard with my bag.
“Hey!” he called behind me, but I didn’t turn back.
I went to the stairs and walked through the bar. Manny the bartender was waiting with my cash in hand. It was a good night.
“Great set.” she said with a smile, handing me my cut of the door. 120 dollars for four hours of work. Sure, it was a strip club, but it paid better than my last gig.
“Thanks Manny. I’ll be back tomorrow.” We exchanged a wave before I dashed for the door.
The night air was cooler than I expected. No matter, I zipped my leather coat and walked down 32nd Street. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go for then night, it was too late to head back to Jersey City, even if I took the lightrail. I thought to try the first person that came to mind, reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my cell. My brother was on speed dial.
A cold fog passed my lips as I waited for him to pick up.
“What Lux?” He said, his usual cheery self.
“Can I stay with you?” I asked, trying to sound helpless.
“I have company, but sure,” he said softly.
We hung up and I headed to the subway. I held my bag loose and slipped on my blue skull-candy headphones. The sound quality was amazing and helped me block out most noises. Too good in fact, I got lost in the music and almost missed my stop.
My brother’s apartment was cozy like our mom’s place. Not at all like mine that was littered with books and CDs. I lived in continual college dorm mode, Daniel on the other liked having a home. The only reason I kept my place was so I could have mail and so Harley my pug had a place to sleep.

Daniel greeted me at the door with a warm smile. He never had to say hello with me. I would just talk.
“Ghetto banshies,” I mumbled.
“Well, just us fur-freaks in here,” he said teasingly.
He had gotten the were-meerkat lycanthropy from our mother. Sure, I had a little bit of it, mostly senses and such, but my brother full on shifted.He was pretty tall, all meerkats were.
They also had some sort of magnetism that people just couldn’t deny and often became actors, models, or something involving being in the spotlight somehow. Though when they shifted they were only about four feet or so. Not nearly as intimidating as some other were-spieces but quick and flexiable which made them good in fights.
I shuffled to the couch. Two other meerkats sat on the floor, curled into one another. They were Nana and Zach. I just smiled to myself.
“Hey Lux,” Nana said quietly.
“Heya Nana,” I smiled again. She was my best friend, had been since high school. Her family booted her after she was attacked by then model Sinclair. Nana moved in with us and our mom became like her mom too.

“We just ordered pizza,” Daniel said as he plopped down next to me. I was digging my laptop out of my bag. The urge to check my email was to strong. I was expecting something from a hack-buddy. Daniel whined softly, I closed my laptop setting it on the coffee table. I shot Daniel a “see I’m being good look.” He smiled.
There was a noise from the bathroom. We all looked up. Standing in the hall was a man I had never seen before. He was tall. He was not a meerkat. I didn’t need my nose to tell me that.
“This is my sister, Lux,” Daniel said as he grabbed my head playfully. “And this, dear sister, is Cole Blackmore.”
“This is the mermaid?” Cole asked, sporting a charming smile.
“Yeah, and you would be?” I asked defensively. I always got defensive at being the mermaid after all. I was the only one on the whole eastern seaboard.
“Wolf,” he said, his charming smile slipping into a sleepy grin. He walked across the room. I watched him as he walked, graceful, but not as graceful as a feline or even meerkat. I liked the way he looked.
“Cole is new in town,” Nana said, somehow sounding teasing. It was the same tone of voice she used in high school when she’d tease me about having a boyfriend.

The pizza came and we divvied it up and started talking. The main point was mostly stuff to do in NYC and the goings on of the local pack.
I kept quiet and watched Cole. He was handsome. He kept his black hair long. I couldn’t tell if it was dye or real. His eyes were a stony gray. I found myself staring into them and he let me. As the talk shifted to local bands, Cole moved closer to me.
“Nice shirt,” he smirked. I looked down at my shirt ‘The Angels Have The Blue Box,’ my Doctor Who shirt.
That started a long Doctor discussion which lasted well after Nana and Zach left and Daniel retired to bed. Sitting there with him felt like second nature. Almost like we’d been friends forever.
“Since you’re new, I want to show you something,” I said as I took his hand. Cole let me lead him out of the apartment, past Ghost Rosalie’s apartment and up the stairwell. When we were up on the roof, I smiled.
“This is New York,” I said, looking out over the city. I watched him take a deep whiff. Something drew me to him, and I stepped closer. Our lips touched and a spark jumped between our lips.
We were kissing. Normally I wouldn’t do anything like this, in the back of my head I was shouting for me to stop.
I didn’t.
I pressed my body into his, his scent overpowering me. I could smell forest and boy. The forest was not from a perfume like it would be on most men. It was part of him. I inhaled along his neck before playfully biting him. He groaned pulling me on top of him.
I squirmed to try and get comfortable on his lap. I grunted in frustration before it dawned on me this was not about comfort. This was about mating, and somehow I couldn’t be bothered to care.
His cock was hard underneath me, and I wanted it. My hips instinctively jerked toward it, grinding on it. I felt Cole pinch my nipple my left one the one that wasn’t pierced. A moan seemed to just fall out of my mouth.

In the back of my mind I tried to think straight, nothing like this should be happening casual sex sure, but this, this was primal. This was something that would bind us together. Yet, I couldn’t stop. This felt too perfect.
We shifted, He was on top of me, my back pressed to the roof. He was unbuttoning my shirt faster than I could realize. A rush of night air caressed my bare nipples. I cursed myself for not wearing a bra. Cole’s fingers tugged on the tiny silver piercing.

A thrill shot through me, I hadn’t really touched the thing but to clean it since I got it. It was to aid in magick not sexual. But there it was, making me tingle and quiver all the way down to my pussy.
“Please.” I said softly almost breathing it. There it was, I wasn’t ever going to be Dominant to him. No, I would forever be submissive.
He smiled.
Again the cold air caressed my body wrapping around it the way water would. My pants were suddenly gone. Tossed aside. I watched him the clever wolf as he stripped baring his cock to me. Fear hit me mixing with lust, he was big, even for a shapeshifter. He knelt between my parted thighs lifting my legs so my feet were off the ground, my ass resting on his knees.
Slowly, achingly he pushed into me. I felt him, I felt my wetness envelope him. My body was pulling him in, wordlessly begging for more. I smelled the smell of the sea. It crashed into the forest. Threatening to take it over. Cole pushed placing his palms on either side of my head. Using them and the strength in his arms to work his way in and out of me.
His hips quickly followed providing a finer more manipulated motion. He actually cared if I had an orgasm. I could see it in his eyes. I moaned calling out to him, biting my lip watching him above me. His intensity and naked want of me made my silken pussy clench in orgasm. My moans had become panicked screams as the heat of orgasms rolled against each other.

Still panting he withdrew with a sheepish smile. I looked at him sizing up what we had just done.
“That was not what I wanted to show you.” I said with a laugh. He wasn’t a bad guy, as far as guys go.
We slunk back down the stairs and tip-toed quietly into Daniel’s apartment. I threw myself into the cushions and blankets.
Daniel still thought giving me my old Little Mermaid blankets was funny. I got him Timon undies every year for Yule. Cole chuckled seeing me half burrow under the blanket and then, he crawled in behind me, fitting just right.

* * *

The smell of brewing coffee awoke me I expected to see Daniel fussing about the kitchen. But when I opened my eyes and I finally got them to focus, I saw Cole. He looked up with a devilish smile and waved. I ducked my head back under the covers. I was being positively silly about this, maybe it was just a one night thing. I peeled back the covers and reached out for my bag. I was trying to steel myself to walk past Cole for a cherry coke. Instead bad ass me made a beeline for the bathroom. Taking my bag. Oh yeah it wasn’t obvious I was avoiding anyone or anything.
Once inside the safety or the bathroom I hopped up on the counter and dug in my outer pocket for my phone. I dialed my home number. Stephan picked up on the second ring.

“Hey.” I said urgently.

“You okay?” my overly protective friend and new roommate asked.
“Yeah, how’s Harley?” I asked trying to tone down the fear just a notch.
“She’s fine. She slept with us.” Stephan said with a chuckle.
“Sounds like her, do not give her bacon.” I said with a laugh.
“But Luxie, puppies love bacon. Where are you anyway?”
“Daniel’s, and something happened.” I said softly before I even thought. Stephan didn’t really know about the “paranormal community”. I mean he believed in ghosts, hell, ghost hunting with me was a very profitable hobby for him. But the real stuff that was still a mystery.
“Are you okay?” Stephan asked me like he was sure I was going to lie.
“Yeah, I kinda had sex with this guy I just met.” I said quickly, even when you took the paranormal out of it it sounded bad.
“ You slut, you.” Stephan said with a laugh.
“Yup, that’s me, gotta go. I’m in Daniel’s bathroom, be home later.”
Hanging up I felt a bit better, not much. Stephan would tease me unmercifully later. I’d deal with that later, hopefully much later. I slid off the counter and headed for the door. I could hear them talking on the other side. They weren’t talking about me thankfully.

I put on my best smile and headed out of the bathroom. My brother cast a quizzical eye on me. I tried to remain calm.
“How’s Harley?” He asked popping open a can of Cherry Coke and handing it me as I walked past behind him.
“She’s fine.” I said before taking a big swig and setting the can down on the coffee table. I grabbed my brush out of my bag and started brushing my hair
“Who’s Harley?” Cole said looking absolutely confused.
“My pug, she’s a little bad ass.” I said as a pulled up my hair, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Cole.
“No wonder you smell like canine.” He said smiling and chuckling.
“Daniel it’s been real, but I do have a pup to feed.”
“See you Sister.” He said with a wave.
Hurriedly I gathered up my things, shoving my laptop into my bag. I left my brother’s apartment like a woman avoiding a bad date. I smirked, it kind of was after all.

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