I Can’t

The weird thing about me and Ume? I know that even if weʻre apart, weʻre still thinking of each other. Tonight, I realize just how much I care. Umeʻs been having family trouble and like usual I offered up some advice. Itʻs what I do, Iʻm very good at situations and figuring out ways around problems. I just do. That and my logical thinking ability rivals Sherlock Holmes.

For one split second I worried he would think I was “topping from the bottom” but I pushed send anyway. Why? Because, if he didnʻt need consoling or emotional support. He wouldnʻt have told me. In email you can lie, a fact my exes have taught me well. But, Ume never would.

Besides, I have become adept at tasting a lie. But, why would he ever in the first place? He doesnʻt. I can tell thatʻs just how he is.

But, back to the touching part…

He didnʻt have to tell me, Iʻm his long distance lover. But He did. He wants me there for him. So, I pondered the facts I had and sent off the hardest email to write. Mostly because, it might make him mad. However I hope he takes it as intended.


I hope perhaps my eyes bring a fresh perspective and my words provide him solace. To me, thatʻs a submissiveʻs number one task. When you serve me, think about my needs, and cater to them.(Niteflirt boys, this means you, fucking buy me books and gadgets, spoil a Bitch!)

Iʻm falling for that Man, and itʻs breaking my heart someone is breaking his heart. I just want to help as best I can.

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