The 4 of Swords

My mother in law is staying with us and I want to gouge my eyes out. Since that’s happening it’s easiest for me to give tarot readings via Email, or conversely make me less miserable and buy Dirty Geisha perfume at House of Nepenthe.

Need a voice fix? Lola on Lulu Catch me there or simply check out the Trance Garden.

I’ve been neglecting my blog and my poor Niteflirt boys. I do feel bad but, I have got some Summer fun times planned. I live for Summer, even though I don’t particularly like the hot weather. I do love the sudden storms. Although I love October most!

I’m on a slut break. Ume and I are both very busy right now. He’s said I can date others but I’d rather not. In all honesty, I love him. You don’t walk away from that. Granted I’m not on my widow’s watch waiting alone for him but I’m still Ume’s girl. Plus my own “career” is heating up!! I’d much rather work on my projects and do something with my art.

I’m excited about recent developments. I’ve been going back to my punk roots and my witchy upbringing. I’ve been reading tarot during my days and I’m looking into branching out into more of a sexual/spiritual thing. It may not make sense to you right now but perhaps in the future. I feel more grounded. I’m walking my own path. Sexual witch, evil hypnotist. My path may not be traditional but, its really fun!

My family is full of witches and Shinto priestesses. That’s not exactly normal mind you but, I think my pornographic twist and spiritual spin art makes it my own!

Nothing about me is average. Not even in terms of BDSM, I’m a Princess but, I’m quirkier than most.
I guess.

I’m just me I don’t live up to norms and standards, that’s a lesson A LOT of submissives learn the hard way. I’m not here for money, I’m here to teach and train. Although I do love wishlist presents! Send one if you love me!

See you when the Harpy goes home!

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