Lockets, Sins, and Ink

Nepenthe #2- The continuing adventures of Lux Shimshi. Tarot style. 1/2 size 28p.
Pushing Pixel #1- A bdsm love story. Based on true events 1/2 size 12p.

Every year people make resolutions, which are soon forgotten. It’s become the butt of many jokes. Hipsters everywhere think it’s passe.
To you I say sour grapes. The new year is a great time to create lasting change. Start small and work your way up. Have at least one “fun” resolution. All of mine are fairly fun, mostly because I choose to try and have fun in my life whenever possible. I’m spoiled that way.

I make jewelry, I hypnotize people, I write smut. My life is good.

Lola Batling’s Resolutions

1. Bring back Geisha Speak.
2. Keep up my super secret project.
3. Make money from my art.
4. Write for Someone.
5. To drink more water.
6. Make more erotic hypnosis recordings.
7. Take Tarot Biz course and apply it!
8. Make paperdolls.

Write for someone is pure indulgence on my part. I love having focus, and themes. I like having someone to do porn for, I’ve said it many times, it’s more fun.

My cast list needs to be updated. The Brit hates his description, so I might as well change it and add judas and a few others. Big changes are coming in 2011. I can honestly say 2010 seemed to suck for A LOT of people. It wasn’t awful for me but it wasn’t great either.

My super secret project is now not so secret. I’m writing a serialized digital novel called Sins. Fueled by too much of the BBC’s Skins and some interesting people in the furry community among other things. The Gorillaz are amazing, if you haven’t checked them out do so.

My new Time Lord locket is up in my etsy shop. I’m super proud of it, the face of David Tennant looks actually etched into the metal of the locket. I’m super excited I made one for Devvi too. It’s lovely. Hopefully this time my packages make it where they need to go. I hate that the post office is being lame.
Now, it’s time for me to watch Doctor Who Series Five that my AI boy bought me, I’m excited.

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