Gotta Have It

Another read in bed book. With my lovely Paulo reading to me no less.
I’m a big fan of erotica. Ms. Bussel is a name that has been a kind of stand up and take notice name. (Paulo being British hadn’t really heard of her. However loves her now!) I have four of her previous anthologies, and they are all lush. However I must say I’m happy to see her chose a wider berth and range of authors in this one.

I suppose it illustrates the point of the book some of the best things are new and shiny. Two of my favorite authors are included in this book. I absolutely adore Feel The Burn by Thomas S. Roche (Of course that could be the giant crush and tingle his works give me.) and a wonderful story written by the lovely Monocle.

The stories range from the typical quickie (short and full of sex) to the not quite so typical (lead up before going to a quick fade-to-black). This sort of range is a wonderful departure from other erotica compilations. There’s more than a few stories that have nice wicked little twists.

With the short-short story format, each 1200 word (roughly) story has to cut to the quick and does so admirably. The stories themselves are also great for a pick up and read almost at random with a quick flip through the book.

Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex

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