Disability & Deviance: A Starter Buttplug

A good starter toy, both in price and size. Beware to try it out before you make a big date night with that in your toy bag.

Good amount of give to it not totally rigid.
Wider base to keep from “losing” it.
Can become uncomfortable after a short period, the square base is the main reason.

I’m writing this review from the perspective of a disabled woman; my last toy experience was mortifying to say the least. This toy provided a much better experience indeed. This toy made me quiver with anticipation, yet somehow managed to make me long for more anal toys. It’s a gateway anal toy. Don’t believe me?

I picked this toy because it looked like a fairly good beginners toy and it didn’t look breakable. (My last anal was plastic and cracked) When choosing this butt plug I took into consideration two things. One, I wanted to wear this “outside” (long term) and two: that being in a wheelchair I would be sitting for 98% of wearing time. I, of course, picked a rubber toy because well, who’s heard of rubber breaking?

I stress this next part thoroughly for new toy and perhaps the lazy toy cleaner, I know there’s one or two of you reading. I always use a condom with any insertable toy it makes it a simple clean (wipes do well, although I did put this one dishwasher just fine.) Also use lube with this toy. Water based is lovely and simple enough to get.
I tend to use a bit extra lube, I feel better using too much than too little. This plug was easy to insert, I and other disabled users might find it a bit tricky the first few times. If you have someone to help you insert it please do so. The important thing is, do not stress out. If you have trouble inserting take a moment to breathe deep.

I like to say, you can wear this plug all day. But no, after about an hour it really gets irritating. After two you’ll have to take it out. The good news it feels amazing once inside. I wore it out so it made going over bumps and riding the bus very orgasmic. If you have a short trip, like to dinner with your lover I recommend this plug. This is a great toy to use before anal sex, to get used to the idea. A way to get comfortable to the joys of having something in your butt.

I used it to do a double penetration. It was perfect. Not too big, not too rigid, enough flexibility. It handles the curving needed for sitting and if not lubed too much will not slip out during playtime. Just make sure when you use this toy you listen to your own body. Just because I said two hours doesn’t make it so. Use common sense when dealing with this or any other toy. If it’s near impossible to remove in a public bathroom just use it at home. As always be sure to wash it afterwards and store properly.

Final Tips

My best advice is to think about why you’re getting this toy, don’t let price be the only factor. If you love anal experiences this might be a waste. Also try a warming lube with this toy for added intensity. Also trying some of the neat textured condoms is awesome!!

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